"Change, like a wedding or retirement, is  a singular event; transition, like the marriage or the rest of your life, is an ongoing process of adapting, inner transforming  and learning."


"In the middle of the road of my life I awoke in a dark wood where the true way was wholly lost."

- Dante  


"Life is much too short to stay stuck in the doldrums for very long."


"To your kids, it's a big deal that you are getting divorced, but how you get divorced is even more important.  Parents get divorced, but kids don't -- they need a healthy connection with both mom and dad."


"Life is like a 10 speed bike.  Most of us have gears we never use."

-Charles Schultz  


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver


"The idea is to die young as late as possible."

- Ashley Montague


"Perhaps your life is filled with secret possibilities you never imagined."

- Robert Fritz  


"I was going to stop procrastinating but I decided to put it off."

- Anonymous


When you feel connected to something, that connection gives you a purpose for living."

- Jon Kabat-Zinn


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When crisis and change take over our lives, many concerns emerge -- will I get through, what's the right thing to do, can life ever be good again, how do I begin rebuilding? 



During separation and divorce, questions, worries, fears and other feelings can be overwhelming -- about our security, emotional well-being, our children, the future...


And we may face nerve-wracking legal battles or negotiations where we need to express our many concerns and desperately want to be heard.


Even with more expected transitions such as retirement, we worry about making good choices, who we will be without work, our financial preparation, and how it will all come together with our partner and lifestyle.


Times of crisis and transition are difficult, but our power lies in taking constructive action, step by step, to move ahead.


Dr. Graeme Clark understands this territory well.  He draws on many years experience as a therapist, custody evaluator, educator, mediator and general life coach for assisting people in crisis and transition to move ahead constructively.  He helps to assess a situation realistically, to sort through priorities and options, and to take charge of key responses.




Services for Collaborative Divorces


Collaborative Divorce Coaching will assist you in disengaging from conflict with your former partner as cleanly as possible, by expressing your concerns and priorities clearly, neutralizing negative emotions, repairing dysfunctional interactions, and managing your side of the collaboriative divorce process with personal accountability, efficiency and respect. Dr. Clark may also consult with your lawyer, and is sometimes invited to attend 4 way meetings.


As a Neutral Child Specialist, Dr. Clark strives to bring the voice of your children into divorce negotiations, so that children are understood and protected, and their needs can be met through informed parenting.



Services for Litigation Divorces


As a Coach and Neutral Child Specialist in litigation divorce proceedings, Dr. Clark helps parties to disengage from conflict, to begin rebuilding for the next phase of life, to manage strong emotions, to protect children by bringing children's voices into the process, and to create age-appropriate and workable parenting plans, all according to the particular needs of the situation.


In Court-Ordered Evaluations of Parenting Time & Parenting Responsibilities (Practice Note 8, Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta), Dr. Clark evaluates complex family situations using an array of assessment methods with both parents and children.  Parents have the opportunity to tell their side of the story, and the voices of children are explicitly brought into the process.  Final conclusions and recommendations are integrated into a report presenting a balanced, thorough and reasonably objective picture to the Court, so that the Court is informed of obstacles and opportunities for the family to move ahead constructively.  Oftentimes, parents and their respective counsel are able to resolve the dispute without going to trial.


In Court-Ordered PN7 Interventions, Dr. Clark works with parents and children to obtain a brief but realistic picture of the family situation, providing assistance in areas such as parenting plans, understanding needs of the children, or related issues at the direction of the Court.


Other Services


In targeted assessments and consultations, Dr. Clark provides Mandatory Wellness Evaluations for professionals in high risk occupations.


As a Retirement Coach and Educator, Dr. Clark guides individuals and couples into retirement.